The science is in- everyone needs a hobby!

With everything that’s going on in today’s world, it’s really important to have some fun as part of our self care routines. Science shows that “purposeful activity” (i.e. NOT trawling through social media for an hour!) increases feelings of wellbeing and calmness, and is an excellent way to manage stress. 

Of course, exercise as a hobby is a great way to destress.  What are some other ways we can include some wellness-oriented fun in our hectic lives?

Well, first and foremost– you need to make sure you enjoy your hobby, and that it fulfils some part of you. You do not want to have a hobby that you time watch while doing, want to put off before you do, and regret the time spent afterwards. 

Remember, if your hobby requires equipment (such as art supplies, or gardening equipment), don’t go all out just yet. Get just enough that you need to get started, and then buy tools as you need them. 

Then, GET STARTED! You’re not going to be professional overnight, and this is FUN! Feel free to scrap artworks that aren’t sparking joy, or getting rid of that cutting in the corner that just… isn’t… taking (better yet, any and all ailing plant life can come to Studio Director, Shirley!).

You’ll figure out pretty quickly whether this is the hobby for you. If you don’t like it, don’t waste your time on it. Fun is the most important part of this kind of self care.

The next part is to do a bit of research on your hobby! See if there are any little tips of tricks that you might need, or get advice from someone you know. There’s plenty of free resources on the internet. 

Schedule some time in for your hobby! Don’t feel guilty about it either- this is CARE for YOU time! Scheduling time also allows you to form a habit of going to your hobby as a way to unwind.

Keep going! If you’re like Shirley- read her story below! – sometimes you need to persevere a little in your hobby to get some results.

Nice work! Now, you have a hobby!

Here are some things you could pick up as a Hobby:

Someone who enjoys moving about: gardening, dance classes, exercise, bushwalking

Someone who enjoys the “Crafts” of arts and crafts: crocheting, knitting, sculpting, flower arrangement, building/creating things

Someone who likes to use their head: learning a language, reading books, writing, journalling, learning a musical instrument, learning a new skill such as design

Someone who likes the “Arts” in arts and crafts: Drawing, painting, photography

Someone who has an inner foodie: baking, cooking dishes from cuisines you’re unfamiliar with, distilling spirits, brewing beer

How do our Leap instructors unwind?

Jess R’s Story: Digital Art

Art was something I discovered in the time off I had in 2021. 

I’d never considered myself artistic– I have a mother who is very good at colour and compositions, as seen my our house and her photography, as well as a brother who’s awesome at all things art- sculpture, pencil, you name it he can do it. 

In other words, I knew where my strengths were, and Visual Arts were NOT it!

I’d started doodling on random bits of paper, and Dad got me onto Procreate, a digital application on his iPad. Instead of having random bits of paper around the house, all my works could be stored in one place.


Now, I love digital art and all of the tutorials from amazing designers and artists your can do- for free!- on YouTube.

I’ve learnt so much in such a short time with digital art. I’ve learnt how to look at the world for its shapes, colours and perspective, and how to know a program from the inside out (I’m also not very technologically proficient, so that in itself is an achievement!). 

I also get to “turn off” my busy brain for a little while. It’s a different kind of mindfulness to what I experience with Pilates and Yoga- and I enjoy it almost as much!

I recommend everyone do a bit of art now and then! You don’t have to be arty— there are a ton of tutorials on Youtube and Instagram. They’re pretty easy to follow, and you end up with some amazing artworks!


Shirley’s Story: Growing indoor plants

Studio Director Shirley has had a fascinating journey into her hobby of indoor plants. Formerly known as The Plant Serial Killer, she persevered until she became a proficient plant propagator!

It started in the last lockdown.

Some of you may remember the taunts I got from the team for my ‘propagation’ attempt.


And for many many weeks after I made the cuttings, nothing happened.  I seriously doubted my ability to look after a plant, and I thought about giving up – plants just aren’t for me.

Then in the first week of spring (almost 8 weeks after making those cuttings), I saw the beginning of the tiniest roots forming!  I was overjoyed.

And then after that, everything sped up!  One root after another popped out of nowhere and they grew night and day.

The sense of achievement I felt was parallel to completing my first 10km run!

That’s when my local garden centre gained a new loyal member.

During the darkest times of the lockdown, my weekly visits to the local garden centre was the one highlight I looked forward to.

Tending to my growing plants collection (the word ‘growing’ is a gross understatement for some) gave me joy and peace during an uncertain time.  It was a mindful experience that calmed me whenever I felt anxious.


To my pleasant surprise, many of my plants not only survived but they’re absolutely thriving!  My Monstera was only a wee thing when I got it, and now it’s grown 6 new leaves and in need of a bigger home.

Every time I see it, it brings me joy and I feel proud.


I looked up the science behind keeping plants and feelings of wellbeing, and it’s conclusive to say that as humans, being in nature nurtures us.  Keeping house plants gives us that sense of being close to nature.

A UTS (University of Technology Sydney) study provided measurable evidence on the effects of indoor plants on people’s mood states and feelings of wellbeing.  The study found plants brought a 37% reduction in tension and anxiety, a 58% reduction in depression, and a 44% reduction in anger and hostility.

Enough said!  It’s time for another visit to the garden centre.

So what happened to the propagated neon Pothos from the studio (yes, I even learnt its name)?

The mama plant recovered from the cutting, and grew ever more bushy.  You can see it on your next studio visit.

And the cuttings became 4 healthy baby plants gifted to my mum, a friend, Eliza at the studio, and I kept a little one by my bed.


Wanting to give digital art or indoor plants a go?  Here are two videos that Shirley and Jess R recommend!

Have fun finding your next hobby!

Did you know exercise can be a hobby that you enjoy?  Call us to find out how!

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