Well done on making your first step to your active life with Leap!

We take proud in our personalised service to our members and guests.  So we can help you with what you want, please choose one statement from below which best describes you.

1) I’m new to exercise.

Having worked with many exercise beginners, we understand how daunting it is to start something new at a place that’s unfamiliar to you.

We get that, and that’s why we’re going to work as hard as you to get you the results that you want.

Let’s first congratulate you on taking the initial step to start a more active life!

Exercise at Leap Chatswood Pilates Yoga Barre Functional Training Studio

For some of you, exercise may be a very foreign concept not having done much of it before.

Our LEAP STARTER PACKAGE is designed with an exercise beginner in mind.

It gives you 3 things that make all the difference for exercise beginners or those coming back to exercise after a break:

  1. A personalised Success session, to establish goals, overcome barriers, and a way to exercise that works for you.

  2. A Back2Basics exercise session, to learn the ‘how-to’ so you can exercise safely and effectively for long-term results.

  3. 2 weeks of unlimited classes, to experience the Leap difference!


At Leap, we don’t just put you in a class and hope for the best.

We want you to see results, and start your exercise journey right.  A good start gives you a better chance at sticking with it – and enjoying it!

Contact us today to have all your questions answered.

2) I’m already exercising regularly, and I want to try something new.

That’s great!  We’d be delighted to help you continue your active journey.

The best way to get to know our studio is through a class of your choice.

If you aren’t sure which class is right for you, our friendly team is here to help.  Give us a call on (02) 8034 1880 or email us.

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3) I’m not ready to start but tell me more.

That’s ok.  We’d be happy to send you a free Beginner’s Guide to Exercise for REAL RESULTS.

In this Beginner’s Guide to Exercise you’ll get:


The type of exercises you should really do as a beginner (and what to give a miss)

The program elements proven to help beginners achieve weight loss and build muscle mass effectively

The amount of exercise that’s optimal for a beginner, without causing damage

The 3 overlooked factors for beginners that are SO important!

The 4 pillars of exercise that will help you get the results you want quickly, safely and help you discover a love of exercise!