Build strength and fitness in our Functional Training class in Chatswood.

Functional Training is designed to improve your fitness and strength to make your daily activities a breeze!

We focus on efficient movement patterns, correct muscle use and posture, to help you move better in daily activities e.g. running after your children, carrying heavy shopping bags.  In other words, the exercises that you do in Functional Training are, highly functional!

Benefits of Functional Training:


Our Functional Training Classes

Our Functional Training class is a combination of cardio and strength exercises derived from everyday movements.

Our classes are different to those that you may know, or have been to, because –

We cap our Functional Training classes at 12 people to ensure that our members get more room to move, and more attention from our instructors.

Please give us a call on (02) 8034 1886 to let us know of your specific needs; we offer group and private sessions to ensure you get the right level care and guidance to begin your exercises.

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