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Hi there,

Let’s take a guess what’s brought you here – you realise the importance of regular exercise, and you’re looking for the right place to start.

Maybe you used to be active and fit, but over the years, life took over and you’re now staring enviously at photos of your old self.

You’ve probably been to gyms, bootcamps and Yoga classes before but none stuck.  All this start-stop frustrates you, because each time you start then stop, it makes it that much harder for you to start again.

Leaving you wondering, why hasn’t anything worked for me?

You just want something that works!  Somewhere or someone to share with you what works and how to make it stick, so you get the results: fitter, more toned, stronger, and more confident.

Here’s where Leap comes in –

We’re an exercise training studio in Chatswood offering a complete exercise program for long-term results.


Our studio is OPEN!

We’re following strict protocols to keep you safe.

If you live in Chatswood or surrounding suburbs, our studio is conveniently located in the heart of Chatswood, less than 2 minutes’ walk from the Chatswood train station.

Convenience means you’re more likely to visit regularly.


You’ll find a team who cares passionately about your training and wellbeing. We thrive on bringing you the best exercise experience.

You won’t feel judged or like you have to be fit to start. We’ll teach you everything you need to start training, in a supportive environment – promise no muscly mirror-starers or Instagram models!

We give you a VARIETY of training forming a COMPLETE exercise program for optimal health and wellbeing.  Read about our approach to exercise.

You get everything you want right here, so say bye-bye to multiple studios, gyms or training groups.


We’ve been helping hundreds of local Chatswood residents and workers, just like you, begin regular exercise to improve their health.

The end result?

They’re now fitter, stronger, more toned and confident than they ever were before!  Best of all, they now LOVE exercise and find it a JOY to exercise.

When you love something, you keep doing it!  And that’s how you get long-term results.  Wouldn’t you want that?

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  • Great instructors and friendly, supportive members.
    Steve Champion Avatar
    Steve Champion
  • The team at Leap Health and Wellbeing are amazing. I've had such a wonderful experience learning Reformer Pilates and I'm keen to try Barre and all the other classes they have avaiable. Special mentions to Jess R, Kirralie D, and Shirley for all their amazing support and guidance.
    kate luong Avatar
    kate luong
  • Really glad I found this place, a great concept to come to the convenience of Chatswood, to be able to do barre locally in Chatswood is great. Love the instructors, and being able to do reformer Pilates and functional training all same convenient location. New studio is really nice, great vibe
    Janice So Avatar
    Janice So
  • I adore this gym, it has wonderful classes and excellent staff. I've never felt fitter and happier since being a member 😊
    Jacquie R Avatar
    Jacquie R
  • Shirley and the team at Leap are so amazing! The energising Yoga class is revitalising, and the Pilates reformer classes are without a doubt the best I have ever participated in. I would have no hesitation recommending this studio to others.
    Chloé Jones Avatar
    Chloé Jones
  • Bin Liu Avatar
    Bin Liu
  • I'm loving my new yoga home 🙂 Very friendly boutique yoga studio. Have tried a few different classes and teachers and all have been great
    Nathaniel Casey Avatar
    Nathaniel Casey
  • I love this place, very knowledgeable instructors, good workouts, lovely staff and a great community which means I don't only get a good workout but also have fun in the meantime. Priceless.
    Melinda Urban Avatar
    Melinda Urban
  • A boutique holistic studio, offering Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Functional Training. Beautiful space with wonderful caring staff. You will love it!
    Barbara Bachelder Avatar
    Barbara Bachelder
  • I have been a member of leap for about two years, every week I am surprise with all new offers and challenges that leap is giving me to focus more on my body and wellbeing, Leap classes have never been boring for members as we always engage with new classes, challenges and support. Thanks Leap😊
    shahrzad afkhami Avatar
    shahrzad afkhami
  • 'Wonderful studio offering great Reformer Pilates and Barre classes. The instructors there are awesome, and love what they do! The studio is also beautiful.' - Simone C.
    Simone Casonato Avatar
    Simone Casonato
  • Leap Health studio was able to get me prepared both physically and mentally for getting back to sports,I have never experienced a more challenging workout before and realized I needed a class environment to push me to work harder to see the change I was looking for.No where else will you get the variety of classes that is this affordable. Each class is different from the last so you'll never feel you are doing repetitive workouts. The positive environment of the people who come to Leap Health make you look forward to going, Also as a new person to the city it was able to help me meet new friends with similar interests.
    Ghazal Sadeghi Avatar
    Ghazal Sadeghi
  • Leap is by far one of the best studios I've visited. They have wonderful instructors, and an amazing selection of classes. After each visit, I feel more energetic, less tightness in my body, and I just feel calmer. Being a busy mum this is important to me. My husband tells me I've become a nicer person since I started going to Leap!
    T L Avatar
    T L
  • Enjoyed my experience exercising with Leap despite the lockdown. Online classes has been fun and everyone have been so helpful and nice.
    Jemmima Angjaya Avatar
    Jemmima Angjaya
  • Lovely studio that got all I need, like Yoga ,Pilates and Barre. Such a nice and trendy environment next door to the station !
    Jessica Liu Avatar
    Jessica Liu
  • Absolutely love this place, staff are very accommodating and friendly. They also have a range of classes to suit your needs, whether you're a beginner or pro
    Kelly Cassel (KCassel) Avatar
    Kelly Cassel (KCassel)
  • I joined Leap almost 3 years ago. This is more than a studio but a place that keeps me healthy, fit, motivated and refreshed. All the instructors are professional, nice and caring. The studio owner Shirley is always there to support the members to make a brave step forward and change their life by building exercise as the routine. More importantly, you won't miss the personal touch the moment you step into the studio. I'm always looked after so well by everyone in Leap from doing a group class, a semi private or even just popping in to have a chat. If you are in Sydney, I highly recommend you to try a class at Leap!
    Hedy Shen Avatar
    Hedy Shen
  • Wonderful studio with a range of classes at times to suit everyone. I recall when I first joined being hesitant about cost but it is absolutely worth every penny - I found myself going so often it was great value for money. Instructors are so friendly and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend
    Sarah (SK) Russell French Avatar
    Sarah (SK) Russell French
  • After years of trying different gyms and being habitually lazy, Leap is the 1st gym I have ever enjoyed going to. Each of the team is amazing and they provide the support you need especially when you have never done a type of class before. It truly is a great gym.
    Sandra T Avatar
    Sandra T
  • lot of different types of classes available, and the instructors are great. I love that it feels like a little community!
    Antoine Ansart Avatar
    Antoine Ansart
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