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Hi there,

Let’s take a guess what’s brought you here – you realise the importance of regular exercise, and you’re looking for the right place to start.

Maybe you used to be active and fit, but over the years, life took over and you’re now staring enviously at photos of your old self.

You’ve probably been to gyms, bootcamps and Yoga classes before but none stuck.  All this start-stop frustrates you, because each time you start then stop, it makes it that much harder for you to start again.

Leaving you wondering, why hasn’t anything worked for me?

You just want something that works!  Somewhere or someone to share with you what works and how to make it stick, so you get the results: fitter, more toned, stronger, and more confident.

Here’s where Leap comes in –

We’re an exercise training studio in Chatswood offering a complete exercise program for long-term results.


Our studio is OPEN!

We’re following strict protocols to keep you safe.

If you live in Chatswood or surrounding suburbs, our studio is conveniently located in the heart of Chatswood, less than 2 minutes’ walk from the Chatswood train station.

Convenience means you’re more likely to visit regularly.


You’ll find a team who cares passionately about your training and wellbeing. We thrive on bringing you the best exercise experience.

You won’t feel judged or like you have to be fit to start. We’ll teach you everything you need to start training, in a supportive environment – promise no muscly mirror-starers or Instagram models!

We give you a VARIETY of training forming a COMPLETE exercise program for optimal health and wellbeing.  Read about our approach to exercise.

You get everything you want right here, so say bye-bye to multiple studios, gyms or training groups.


We’ve been helping hundreds of local Chatswood residents and workers, just like you, begin regular exercise to improve their health.

The end result?

They’re now fitter, stronger, more toned and confident than they ever were before!  Best of all, they now LOVE exercise and find it a JOY to exercise.

When you love something, you keep doing it!  And that’s how you get long-term results.  Wouldn’t you want that?

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  • Great studio, professional instructors and friendly staff.
    Hong Nguyen Avatar
    Hong Nguyen
  • I run regularly, but I decided to try yoga and pilates at Leap Health & Wellbeing to mix it up a bit and do something for my mental health. Truly a boutique style experience with a very tailored, personalized approach. I signed up for virtual pilates and Shirley (the owner) often joins in the classes and called me up afterwards to see how I did. Shirley is lovely, warm, super organised, proactive and really hands on. The staff are lovely and experienced too. Leap Health are COVID safe and also opt for online classes if you prefer to work out from home. What I really like about Leap Health and Wellbeing is their holistic approach to wellbeing as they offer webinars such as "Work Smarter Not Harder" run by guest speakers which goes hand in hand with exercise to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. They also have fun events such as "Bar to Barre" and "pilates in PJs" which makes exercise fun and also creates a sense of community, which is more important than ever in these unprecedented times.The customer experience is second to none; with regular engagement, very prompt responses to queries and a genuine interest in the type of exercise best suited to my needs.Look forward to more classes and well done Shirley & team!
    Annabelle Peters Avatar
    Annabelle Peters
  • There are a variety of small group classes ( fundtional training/yoga /barre/reformer Pilates/mat Pilates) and individual sessions. The instructors are professional and patient, and they demonstrate the postures clearly. I love all the classes at Leap and highly recommend to attend any of the classes here
    Pei-Chen Hsu Avatar
    Pei-Chen Hsu
  • As someone who hates gyms, I was quite apprehensive when I signed up for a free introductory reformer class at Leap... but it isn't anything like your typical gym, it is much more welcoming, warm and friendly. Shirley and her team are great, and they have done a wonderful job of building a 'fitness community'. The studio is also well equipped and the facilities are immaculate. I would recommend LEAP to anyone who lives or works in the Chatswood area - go and check it out!
    Sharon Tamai Avatar
    Sharon Tamai
  • Amazing energy, innovative in everything they do, attention to detail, thoughtful in ensuring best value to their members is all that describes this studio which is approachable in every sense the word. Kudos to the admin and the friendly trainers.
    Stuti Kapoor Avatar
    Stuti Kapoor
  • Shirley and the team at Leap are so amazing! The energising Yoga class is revitalising, and the Pilates reformer classes are without a doubt the best I have ever participated in. I would have no hesitation recommending this studio to others.
    Chloé Jones Avatar
    Chloé Jones
  • I'm loving my new yoga home 🙂 Very friendly boutique yoga studio. Have tried a few different classes and teachers and all have been great
    Nathaniel Casey Avatar
    Nathaniel Casey
  • Fabulous Studio. Very friendly & patient Instuctors !!! Amazing classes on offer!!! Highly recommend it for new beginners & others 🙂
    Sangeetha Devasahayam Avatar
    Sangeetha Devasahayam
  • Thanks to the Leap team for helping me change my sedentary lifestyle to now loving exercise (especially Reformer Pilates 🥰) and being committed to it for over a year! All instructors are warm, friendly and engaging. Always look forward to my next visit 🙂
    Kylie Wong Avatar
    Kylie Wong
  • Beautiful studio, welcoming staff highly recommend
    Ben Handley Avatar
    Ben Handley
  • Before finding Leap, I found it hard to like or enjoy exercise but now it has truly become a part of my life and routine. Always look forward to visiting the studio and being challenged by all the fantastic instructors. Thank you for providing a comfortable, safe space for me to get active!
    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User
  • I joined Leap almost 3 years ago. This is more than a studio but a place that keeps me healthy, fit, motivated and refreshed. All the instructors are professional, nice and caring. The studio owner Shirley is always there to support the members to make a brave step forward and change their life by building exercise as the routine. More importantly, you won't miss the personal touch the moment you step into the studio. I'm always looked after so well by everyone in Leap from doing a group class, a semi private or even just popping in to have a chat. If you are in Sydney, I highly recommend you to try a class at Leap!
    Hedy Shen Avatar
    Hedy Shen
  • Amazing studio in the heart of Chatswood. Lovely staff and excellent instructors. A great studio for total wellness - yoga, Pilates, Barre and more. I truly love my midday workout - which helps to revitalise and refresh for the remainder of the work day. Highly recommend this studio!
    Kimberly Perrins Avatar
    Kimberly Perrins
  • Before I started Reformer Pilates at the Leap studio, I had joined mainstream gyms and had stints in personal training franchises. I didn't connect with any of them to commit long term and I was never able to keep it up. Reformer Pilates has been different - I really enjoy the fact that I can build my strength while laying down on a bed! It's minimal impact in joints and I can feel the difference my sessions are making. The classes at Leap helped me build strength and flexibility. The sessions are intimate, there is always a machine available and the environment makes me feel centred and grounded. Loving it!
    Angela Howard Avatar
    Angela Howard
  • I joined Leap post covid lockdown last year and it has been such a positive experience for my physical and mental health. I’ve really enjoyed the small-sized classes where the team of expert instructors always put effort into curating a variety of exercises while taking into account the different needs and skill levels of each member. The atmosphere and community at Leap are welcoming and supportive, which encouraged me to make coming here a routine and allowed me to be exposed to & find confidence in trying new exercises. I highly recommend anyone who’s considering joining Leap to come and try the classes!
    cath bai Avatar
    cath bai
  • Absolutely fantastic experience at Leap! Such wonderful and experienced instructors, thoughtful management team and fabulous facilities. Highly recommend Leap to anyone looking for a personalized, effective and supportive environment to work out!
    greeshma govind Avatar
    greeshma govind
  • Great variety of classes with small class sizes and individual attention, excellent instructors, a welcoming environment and a friendly community all of which combined encourages me to keep attending on a consistent basis. I'm fitter and stronger than I have ever been and Leap has been a huge part of building a healthier me. If you are on the fence about joining a gym, come and try out Leap, you'll be part of an awesome community and will be well supported by your instructors and fellow class members.
    E Carson Avatar
    E Carson
  • I adore this gym, it has wonderful classes and excellent staff. I've never felt fitter and happier since being a member 😊
    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User
  • Love everything about this studio! All staff and instructors are amazing and there is definitely a lot of attention and care put into scheduling their classes. This is the perfect option for anyone who wants to try different classes and variety.
    Karina Durham Avatar
    Karina Durham
  • The best things about Leap: 1) Beautiful studio with mirrored walls (important when doing pilates and yoga), complimentary herbal tea on arrival, lots of space to move and chill before/after class. 2)Phenomenal instructors - passionate about their job and they put that little bit of extra-ness into each class - I think it's the quality of the instructors that won me! 3) The classes are well designed and target desk workers to prevent aches and pains - my lower back pain and knee pain is gone! Also, there's an easy to use timetable with a reasonable cancelation policy... I would like a bit more classes on the weekend but the way it is still works.
    Leila-Miriam Rahimi-Cholensky Avatar
    Leila-Miriam Rahimi-Cholensky
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