You want to feel healthy, active and strong.  But you’ve pains and aches that make it hard to exercise.

The regular gyms’ cookie cutter approach feels impersonal.  You feel uncomfortable exercising there because you might get hurt again.

Have you ever driven to your local gym, struggled to go in, and eventually turned back?

We understand how it feels when exercise doesn’t feel safe, and you’re bored with just walking, or pedalling bikes.

You want exercises that are safe for you, at a place where you’re supported with the right expertise and care.

At Leap, we believe exercise isn’t just for the fit and strong.

Liz’s Story –

Liz has scoliosis and osteoporosis.  Her radiographer said she had the spine of an 100 year-old woman!

Watch her video to know more.

Sydney’s Story –

My name is Sydney, and I’m 63.  I started private Pilates sessions at Leap after my spine fusion surgery in 2019.  Pilates has built my strength and mobility beyond what I’d imagined.

Before my surgery, I was suffering from nerve compression from a disc bulge in my lower back resulting in sciatica pain for over 2 years.

It affected my quality of life severely; I stopped going out because I couldn’t walk further than 1km, or lift light shopping bags.  Cleaning and even showering became a struggle because my back hurt constantly, and the pain travelled all the way down my leg.  I lived with daily pain, and no pain medication worked.

After my surgery, my surgeon suggested for me to start private Pilates sessions to help rebuild my strength and mobility.

I was dubious at first because I’d never been an active person.  Exercise was walking for me.  And I didn’t know anything about Pilates – what benefit could I get from it?  I could do those exercises at home, from my bed, watching a free video online!

But I thought I’d try a few sessions and see.

Losing my mobility was terrifying for me; I saw how my mother had needed all-time care and I didn’t want that to happen to me.  I also wanted to be a grandmother who can play with her grand-children, so I needed to be strong and fit for that.

When I came to Leap, I had a list of movements I couldn’t do e.g. twisting, bending forward or backward.  I had no strength in my legs.

My instructor was very patient with me, and very knowledgeable.  I thought my exercise would be repetitive and boring because of how limited my movement was, but my instructor gave me different exercises week after week.

I gradually started to enjoy my training.  And during the week, I found myself practicing the harder exercises I couldn’t do very well in class.  I even did online training via Zoom during lockdown so I could maintain my progress.

Now 18 months on, my back pain hasn’t come back.  I feel very strong, which gives me a lot of confidence.  The other day, my daughter took a photo of me climbing up the kitchen bench to replace a window panel.  That thing would’ve weighed 7-8 kilos and I was able to do it all on my own!  It’s just incredible!

I can now see how much I’ve gained from Pilates at Leap.  And I also learned that it isn’t right to do core exercises from the bed!  So if you’re doing it right now, please stop because it’ll hurt your back even more.  Why not come to Leap instead?

3 Steps to a Safer and Boredom-Free Exercise Program!

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Our Member Satisfaction Agreement With You –

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Don’t delay. Because…

You don’t have to live with pains and aches that lead to –

  • Reduced quality of life
  • Interruption to work and family life
  • Expensive trips to physio, chiro, medical specialists, that cost way more than the investment you make now on prevention

We take away the pains and aches that are stopping you in your tracks, and give you the freedom of movement!

Don’t waste –

  • another year of feeling like you’re on the back foot because of your injury or medical condition
  • another year wishing you’d exercise more
  • more money on gyms you won’t go

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You can do it, just like these members!

‘I chose Leap Chatswood because it’s not your regular gym, it is a boutique gym. I love its small classes and instructors that attend to everyone and make sure that you do all exercises correctly. They take care of you if you are injured and give an alternative exercises that suit your condition. Staff is very friendly and very responsive to emails and all requests you may have. Highly recommend.’

Marina P.
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