If you’ve been working from home lately, chances are that you might be starting to experience pain or discomfort in your lower back.

Either your old back pain is rearing its ugly head (again), or your back pain could be something new to you.

Anyway, the pain won’t go away and it’s stopping you from doing what you want!

  • You aren’t as active as you like because you’re worried moving and exercise might make it worse
  • You’re missing out on play time with the kids because you’re in pain all the time
  • You might be missing sleep because the pain is keeping you awake at night
  • You’re guzzling pain killers and lathering on Deep Heat like there’s no tomorrow, but they only offer temporary relief

Watch this webinar with our accredited Exercise Physiologist, Emily, who treats back pain with a simple prescription of exercises, to share with you her tips and tricks that’ll take your back pain away!

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