Yoga Pilates Functional Training and Barre classes in Chatswood

We’re an exercise training studio offering Yoga, Pilates, Functional Training and Barre classes in Chatswood.

Our classes combined give you a complete exercise and wellbeing program.

How do we make exercise work for you?

Our Approach to Exercise

‘When the exercise has a purpose and you know it’s contributing to your long-term health and wellbeing.  It’s no longer a chore, it’s a gift.’

– Leap motivation board

When exercising for optimal health and fitness, you need a well-rounded program.

Why? Because you can’t get healthy and fit by just pumping weights, just running, or just doing Yoga!

So, what makes a COMPLETE exercise program?

The 4 Pillars of Exercise –

Yoga Pilates Functional Training Barre classes in Chatswood

We deliver these 4 Pillars in the variety of classes on offer at the studio.

Each class, and every exercise  has its unique purpose.  Bit by bit, movement by movement, repetition by repetition, you’ll build a foundation of good health.

Our classes are over 50% smaller than those elsewhere, so you get more room to move and more attention from our expert instructors.

More About the Classes

Reformer Pilates class in Chatswood at the Leap studio
Yoga class in Chatswood at the Leap studio.
Functional training classes in Chatswood at the Leap studio
Barre class in Chatswood at the Leap studio

Say goodbye to your multiple gym and studio memberships, and get all your fitness and wellbeing needs here at the Leap studio.

Whether you’re a local resident or work around the area, you can attend all our Yoga, Pilates, Functional Training, and Barre classes in Chatswood.

When it’s that convenient, regular exercise becomes part of your lifestyle!