Unveiling a fitness experience that defies convention!

Our all new Bungee Fitness class is here to revolutionise the way you think about staying in shape. Get ready to elevate your workout routine to new heights while reaping an array of incredible benefits.

Bungee Fitness is not your typical exercise class; it’s a captivating fusion of gravity-defying movement, cardio, and strength training that will leave you exhilarated and craving more. Whether you’re an avid fitness enthusiast searching for a fresh challenge or someone just beginning their fitness journey, this class promises to be a game changer.

Imagine being suspended by bungee cords, enabling you to perform dynamic, low-impact exercises that feel more like play than work. The rewards are astonishing – enhanced core strength, improved flexibility, increased stamina, and an injection of pure joy into your workout routine. Bungee Fitness is not just exercise; it’s an adventure that transforms both body and spirit.

We cap our Bungee Fitness classes at 6 people to ensure that our members get plenty of room to move, and more attention from our instructors.

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