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What's a body composition scan?



DID YOU KNOW?  As you begin to exercise, you'll often notice your weight hasn't changed, but your body is looking slimmer, and your old clothes are getting looser.  This is because lean muscle weighs more than fat!

As a result, the scale and BMI can be misleading.

DID YOU KNOW?  Body fat is an essential element of the human body.  For a woman, body fat must be around 21-24% of total weight.  For a man, body fat must be around 14-17% of total weight.

Does your old scale tell you your body fat vs lean muscle percentage?

DID YOU ALSO KNOW?  Not all body fat is harmful to your health - the one you need to watch out for is visceral fat.  They're abdominal fat that wrap around your organs.  You don't need to be overweight to have high levels of visceral fat!

Does your old scale tell you your visceral fat vs non-visceral fat percentage?

Here's a better way to measure your health!


No scales_Body composition scans at Leap

In less than a minute, we can accurately measure over 40 parameters of your health, including - 

  • body fat, including visceral fat (fat which wraps around your organs that can cause heart diseases)
  • lean muscle mass
  • water content
  • bone mineral content i.e. a density measure,
  • and many more!

It'll paint a vivid picture of where you're at with your health.

Many of our members use this information to set a starting point for their healthier lifestyle.  We do the scan every 12 weeks so you can track your progress!

See sample report here!  Watch video below to see how the scan is done.

How to book your body composition scan?

A BODY COMPOSITION SCAN can cost as much as $80 per scan, and you often have to travel to a clinic to have it done.


$50 FOR ONE, OR $80 FOR TWO*
(one at the start, another in 12 weeks' time to see the results of regular exercises and eating well)

And you can have it done at the studio!

Our next scan is coming week-starting 16 Mar 22!  Booking is essential!

Contact studio to book for your next scan.

*Not yet a Leap member? Email us or visit here to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long does the scan take?

The scan and consultation should take roughly 15 minutes.  See a video on how the scan is done here.

2) What do I wear/bring to the scan?

Please wear light and comfortable fitting clothing to the scan, and shoes that are easy to take on and off (we'll ask you to stand on the scanner barefoot).  Please keep jewellery to the minimum for the scan, as metal could affect the accuracy of the scan.  Please also avoid excessive exercise right before the scan.  if you're coming right after class, please sit and drink some tea or water to allow your heart rate to return to normal.

3) What do I take away from the scan?

You get a results report immediately after the scan is completed.  You'll also get an interpretation guide for all the metrics.  After the scan is completed for everyone, you'll also be emailed a cheat's guide on how to eat and exercise to optimising your body composition.

4) I have one more questions that's just not on here.

Email your question to  We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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