Barre Class in Roseville

Exercise like a dancer in our Barre class!

Barre uses ballet techniques to strengthen and tone the entire body for longer and leaner muscles.  Not to mention our Barre classes are extreme addictive because they’re fast-paced, and fun!

Benefits from attending regular Barre classes include improved posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increased flexibility, and reduced stress.

Barre is also low impact (Barre classes are done barefoot!), so you are less likely to experience exercise-induced injuries.

Benefits of Barre:


Our Barre Classes

If you already practice Yoga, Pilates, or ballet, then you’ll take up Barre quickly and easily.  Even if you don’t already take part in these classes, Barre is the perfect addition to your exercise routine.

Our Barre classes are a fusion of Pilates, cardio, strengthening, toning, and dance.

With the addition of resistance bands, free weights, and exercise balls this bootylicous workout is sure to have you sweating and smiling to the disco beat!

Please give us a call on (02) 8034 1886 to let us know of your specific needs; we offer a number of Barre classes at our studio to suit all experience levels and interests.

Our gorgeous studio is only one station from Roseville!

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Our gorgeous studio is only one station from Roseville!