Congratulations to Sangeetha on her 500th visit!

Pilates gym member prize

“I haven’t looked like this in years!”

Sangeetha (or Sangee to all of her Leap friends) is the second member to reach 500 visits on our Champions wall, and has an incredible story to go with it. 

Sangee hadn’t done any exercise for four years before joining Leap in Feb 2018.  Prior to discovering Leap, Sangee liked one-on-one personal training but didn’t like the gym atmosphere. 

As Leap isn’t a gym, and in the same building as her work, she decided to take advantage of our “new studio” specials- and has never looked back.

When asked about her favourite classes, the first thing she exclaimed was “I can’t have just one favourite! Can I pick a couple of them?”– and then went on to list MOST OF THE CLASSES on our timetable.

She loves the variety of classes because they improve her strength, flexibility, cardio, meditation skill and mindfulness. According to Sangee, “no matter the class, I’m going to have an awesome time!”


To Sangee’s delight, her friends and family have all commented on how much weight she has lost, and how much slimmer she is around her waistline. “It felt great when they said it,”she reckons, “and I haven’t looked like this in years!”

For those of you who haven’t yet joined Leap, Sangee has some advice, “Just go for it. You’ll get all the attention you need. Don’t hesitate, just go and get the experience yourself!”

And for those of you who feel 500 visits is too far away, this is what she says: “Don’t worry about the volume of classes you do, it’s about how much you love the exercise. Being a Champion is just a perk!”

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