Our Story

Leap is created by a corporate drop-out who is also a Pilates and Yoga enthusiast.  A knee injury led her to Pilates and Yoga, through which she found more than just recovery and fitness, she found something that gave her a source of calm energy that helped her deal with the daily stresses of modern life.  She saw a need for quality studios in the outer suburbs of Sydney, for people working and living there, to take their physical wellbeing to the next level.  So she took a leap of faith, and created Leap Health and Wellbeing.

What we stand for

At Leap, we believe in movement – move with ease, move with freedom, and move with awareness.  Movement is what keeps the body alive and young.  Movement is what gives you quality of life, the source of wellbeing.  Movement balances out the sedentary lifestyle many of us have in this modern age.

There are different ways of adding movement to your life.  At Leap, we cater to the holistic physical training and wellbeing needs of people looking for something more than a conventional gym could offer.  Our mission is to simply deliver positive mind and body experience to its members, in an inviting place that radiates with calming energy.  We know we’ve delivered on this when you walk out of the studio a better version of yourself than when you came in.  In time, we aspire to become the chosen fitness and wellbeing venue for the people in Chatswood, who wants more than just mindless mimicking.

What we give to our members

Train alongside the best

We have a wonderful team of 18 professionally trained instructors specialising in Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Personal Training, as well as dance, acting and other professions.  A number of us have a corporate background so we intimately understand the needs of today’s office workers.  Let us help you achieve your wellbeing goals!

Team member biography coming soon!

We offer flexible membership options to suit your lifestyle!