You know you should/would/could be more active, do more exercise, incorporate more movement into your day.

But it is just so hard to persuade yourself to go to those classes that you should/would/could go.

What exactly are holding you back?

Here are 6 thoughts that typically occur in your mind that stop you from being more active:

  1. I don’t want to do something new on my own
  2. I can’t commit to make use of the membership
  3. I won’t get the results
  4. I won’t like the people there
  5. I will be judged, and made to feel bad about myself
  6. I am not fit enough so I’d feel uncomfortable doing the activities

So what is the ONE solution to overcome the things that are holding you back from being more active?  Get a friend, with benefits! 🙂

How exactly does your friend help you overcome these 6 things?

1. ‘I don’t want to do something new on my own.’Few of us are Captain Cooks, charging into unknown territories with gusto.  Most of us prefer familiarity.  Trying something new with a friend makes it less intimidating, with the familiarity of a friend with you.

2. ‘I can’t commit to make use of the membership.’ Working out with a friend can help to hold each other accountable.  It makes early morning sessions just that bit easier to get to, because you won’t want to let your friend down.

3. ‘I won’t get the results.’ Studies have consistently found that exercising with a partner tends to make you work harder and longer, especially if you’re buddied up with someone who is fitter or stronger than you.  When you see another person training harder than you, the law of social psychology will motivate you to keep up, and push your limits.

4. ‘I won’t like the people there.’ Well, that’s why you bring your buddy so you get to be around someone that you do like. Soon, you’ll find that others who enjoy the same classes as you, share a lot of other common interests like you. You just needed to give them a chance.

5. ‘I will be judged, and made to feel bad.’ A true friend doesn’t judge – that’s why you’re friends in the first place!  They offer the support and encouragement when you need it. And when you feel fabulous (e.g. after you’ve become more activity and loving it!), they offer you the sincerest form of compliments.

6. ‘I am not fit enough so I’d feel discomfort doing the activities.’ This is where your friends-with-benefits really step up, because having them around makes what seems like a gruelling session into something that both of you can tackle, and succeed, together!  This involves a mindset reframe as well, you will no longer see the activity as an insurmountable summit, but as a social activity that you and your friend can do together.  The more you do, the less difficult it becomes, because you’ll soon realise it’s all in your head!

Try the Leap difference!