Home-bound and you want to keep exercising while away?  We got you covered.  Get these 5 things in your home, and you’ll be able to have a quick session regardless when and where you end up!  And don’t worry, these 5 items are compact, readily available, and low-cost so anyone can get them.

1. Ankle weights

One of the most versatile weight training equipment for those on the go.  You can attach ankle weights to your ankles for lower body, or to your wrists for upper body exercises.  Some ideas include squat with leg lift with ankle weights attached to your ankles, and weighted lunges.  Squat with leg lift: squat normally, and as you stand up lift one leg to the side, then sink back down to a squat, and as you stand up lift the opposite leg to side.


2. Skipping rope

Skipping is one of the most underrated exercises.  It’s a total-body exercise involving your core for stability, lower body for jumping, and your upper body for turning the rope.  Skipping is high intensity exercise and a great cardio workout, as it increases your heart rate fairly quickly.  According to some research, 10 minutes of skipping offers the same health benefits as a 45-minute run!

You can make the skipping interesting by fitting it in between sets of other exercises that you do (see example program below for ideas).

3. Resistance bands

Fantastic piece of equipment for travellers due to its small size, light weight, and the variety of exercises it offers!  Try these –

  • crab walk: wrap the band above your knee (or around your ankle for extra challenge). Sink down to a half squat and start side walking. Resist the bands by keeping your knees wide. Walk to your right for 5m and then left for 5m.
  • glute bridge: wrap the band above your knee and lay down flat on the floor (or a mat). Bend your knees and have your feet hip distance apart. Tuck your tailbone and slowly rise up to a bridge, while resisting the bands. Lower your hips, and then raise them again.
  • push-ups with resistance band: warm up with a few normal push-ups (either on your knees or toes). Then wrap the band around your shoulders and hold the ends in your hands. Repeat the push-ups with the band around your shoulder to offer additional resistance.

4. Trigger pointing ball or tennis ball

Whether you’re feeling tight in the body from sitting at the desk for several hours, or hours of watching Netflix, a trigger pointing ball (or just a tennis ball) can give your body a quick release.  Roll the ball on tight areas on the body e.g. your glutes, your pecs, the arches of your feet.  You can even lean against the wall and roll the ball around your hips.  You will experience discomfort, and when you hit a ‘yummy’ spot, stay on it and breathe…

5. Your exercise gear and water bottle

Having your gear out on display is a good reminder to put them on, and get moving!  Schedule blocks of time in the diary for exercise to maintain the routine and healthy habit.

Burn 250 Calories in 30 Minutes: Beginner-Intermediate Home Exercise Program

This program needs very little equipment, and you can do it literally anywhere!

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