It’s 3:30pm.

You’re feeling peckish.  Your focus is waning.  Your mind is wondering.  Your hands are searching for a snack.

You want something tasty but good for you.  You want something that gives you a shot of energy to get through the rest of the work day.  You want something that fills you up for a few more hours.  You also want something that keeps your mind sharp!

Dietitian and nutritionists around the world recommend these 5 snacks to keep your mind sharp throughout the day!


Dried fruits

When you chew, greater activities happen in regions of the brain associated with working memory. The chewy texture of dried fruits make them the perfect snack to stimulate your brain, whilst satisfying your sweet tooth! Be sure to keep the serving size in mind so you don’t take in more calories than you need.

Dark chocolates

Dark chocolates release endorphins and serotonin (the feel-good hormones); they contain a small amount of caffeine; they also give you a shot of magnesium which helps in dealing with stress.  What other reasons do you need?



Nuts contain vitamin E which reduces cognitive decline brought on by aging.  Keep it to a small handful a day to reap the benefits without the extra calories.  Also keep it to the raw or plain roasted variety to avoid unwanted salt.


Pack-full of antioxidants, these little babies stimulate brain activity by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain.  They also taste delicious, and contains few calories.  So eat up!



Need we say more?

If caffeine in the afternoon disrupts your sleep, herbal tea is just as good!  Try ginger and lemongrass for an afternoon wake-me-up!

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