Use it or lose it.

‘You’ll likely lose half your fitness if you don’t train at all for a week’, said Nigel Stepto, associate professor in Exercise Physiology at Victoria University

Research does suggest, however, that those with higher levels of fitness who have been exercising for longer hold onto their fitness for longer than newer exercisers.

But, ‘within two weeks you’ll probably start to show a 7-10 per cent loss in strength levels,‘ Dr Boutagy said.

Research has found for those who maintain some movement and light exercise, the loss of muscle strength is a bit slower.

So regardless whether you’re an athlete, or an exercise newbie, use it or lose it is the sad fact when it comes to exercise and the holiday break.

The most important thing is to keep moving in some way.

3 Reasons to Keep Planking Throughout the Holiday Season

1. Hold on to your hard-earned fitness and strength.

Research shows that you’re likely to lose half your fitness if you stop training for a week!  It also shows that you’ll lose 7-10% in strength after just 2 weeks of no training.

So it doesn’t take long to lose your hard-earned fitness and strength, and to build it back up again – it takes 12 weeks!  However, it isn’t all doom and gloom, because research also tells us that if you maintain just some levels of exercise (e.g. 2 sessions per week), the loss will be slowed.

2. Take advantage of the quieter time at the studio.

Get more personal attention from your instructors so you get extra coaching.

3. Disrupt your behaviour pattern for the better!

If you’d previously always been a yoyo-exerciser, meaning you worked your butt off during times like the new year, or early spring to work on that summer body, and then slacked off during the busy holiday season or when work or family gets busy, then disrupt this pattern by making an effort to exercise during this holiday season.

Like Einstein famously said ‘the definition of insanity is keep on doing the same thing and expecting a different result’!  So you’re wanting to reap the benefits of an active life, then disrupting that yoyo-exercise pattern would be the key to your success.  Remember, all it takes is a couple of sessions a week to keep going.

3 Ways to Motivate Yourself Off That Holiday Couch!

1. Tell yourself a little lie!

I’m just going to do 10 minutes of exercise.  If I hate it after 10 minutes, I’ll stop.‘  And you know what, you won’t stop!

2. Do before you think!

Don’t give your mind the chance to come up with excuses!  Like Nike says ‘Just Do It!’

3. Setting expectations with others about your exercise time.

Use this script to get the exercise time you want – I understand getting this done is super important for you.  I want to do my best to make this happen for you.  Now to be at my best, I need just 30 minutes for a quick workout to get me going.  How can we work out a plan so that we can both get what we want?’

3 Things Leap Does to Help You Stay Motivated and Active This Holiday Season

1. First and foremost, Leap is open for classes throughout most of Dec!

Keep an eye out for our holiday season timetable that’s coming out next week.

2. Summer Challenge!

We have an AMAZING SUMMER CHALLENGE starting Jan 2022! Hint: it’s going to be epic!

Sign up to the challenge TODAY as a show of commitment to keeping active throughout this holiday season!

3. Our online services!

When it’s hard to get into the studio, take the studio to your home with our ONLINE services, like our LIVE STREAM classes, our Online Exercise Library.  And if you’re finding it hard to attend scheduled classes, book in for a DIY session.

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