Congratulations to our 2021 Winter Challenge winner!



Congratulations on winning the 2021 Leap Winter Challenge!

She scored an incredible 206.5 points over the 12 weeks of the Winter Challenge!
(To give you an idea of her effort: 1 class = 1 point.)

Here’s how she did it –

  • 59 group classes during this time
  • 23 home exercise sessions using the ONLINE EXERCISE LIBRARY
  • 17 sessions in which she got her flatmate or face-timed her boyfriend to join – wow!

On top of all that, she also completed the 250 burpee challenge!

As an early childhood educator, Jini is surrounded by little ones.  She now shares her love for exercise with them, leading them through stretch sessions and getting them to exercise with her regularly.  Talk about teaching them a life-long skill from an early age!

Jini’s Story

Jini joined Leap in August 2020, when she suffered back pain as result of the physical nature of her work. At first she brushed it off, thinking that everyone gets back pain, but when she couldn’t lean over the sink to wash her face, she knew she had to do something about it.

Her GP diagnosed her with scoliosis, a condition that twists the spine out of alignment. After hearing about Pilates from her roommate (and fellow Leap Member), Grace, who was also suffering back pain, she decided to give it a go.  Starting with one-on-one sessions, Jini gradually grew strong enough to join group classes and hasn’t looked back.

Juggling work and study, Jini struggled to find the time to fit in classes initially, but she made it her priority so she could live painlessly.

At the beginning, it was hard in class when she saw how others could do more advanced moves while she was still on more beginner moves, but the friendly instructors at Leap always made her feel at ease.

Jini’s progress has been amazing!  Her most recent Physical Fitness Assessment classified her lower body strength as “Excellent” (the highest benchmark!), holding a two minute wall sit, and then she came back for a Barre class directly after!

Jini’s most valuable change since joining has been her mindset.

“Before, everything I did was about losing weight.  I used to weigh myself and feel stressed.  Now I don’t check the scales. I feel happy, healthy, and have no back pain when I wake up, or when I hold a baby at work.”

Well done JINI for winning the challenge!  Keep up your amazing attitude towards exercise!