We all have days when we feel we’ve given more than we could afford.  Our body is depleted of energy, and mind of positivity.  Rather than reaching for that bottle of wine or chocolate bar (both will leave you feeling more lethargic and down), try one of these tips.

They’re easy to do, budget-friendly, and guaranteed to boost your feel-good hormones.  You’ll wish you’d done them yesterday!

1. Find fun in the daily drudge

Be a little silly, and bring a little kid-like playfulness to your day.  It’ll make you and those around you smile and laugh!  How to go about it?  Ask yourself ‘what would my 5-year-old self do’?  Let your inner-child come out every now and then, it’s fun!

2. Surround yourself with greenery

Did you know that seeing more green is packed with health benefits? – from improving immune function, to reducing stress, it even lowers blood pressure!

So find your green space!  If you can’t get outside, then surrounding yourself with indoor plants also works.

Wellbeing Tip - Surround yourself with greenery

3. Declutter

According to Psychology Today, ‘clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli, causing our senses to work overtime on stimuli that aren’t necessary or important.

Clutter also distracts us by drawing our attention away from what our focus should be on.  Clutter makes it more difficult to relax, both physically and mentally.’

So if you’ve been avoiding that drawer in the kitchen or cupboard or work space, then perhaps it’s time to declutter!

Our resident Yogi, Vincci, suggests to start small to get a sense of achievement and get the ball rolling.

4. Breathe…deeply

How’s your breathing?  Is it shallow and quickened, or is it deep and slow?  How we breathe affects how we feel and how we think.

Quickened and shallow breathing could trigger stress responses in the body, by setting off the sympathetic nervous system, which controls the ‘fight or flight’ response.

Our resident Yogi, Vincci, shares a deep breathing technique for calmness and focus.  Side effects include feeling calmer, clearer thoughts, and happier lungs!

5. Plan a date night

Have you ever noticed that after a terrible day, a warm hug from a loved one always makes it better?

Science has found that feeling loved makes us produce oxytocin, which is one of our ‘feel-good’ hormones alongside serotonin and dopamine.  Oxytocin makes us feel more relaxed, more trusting, and has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety.

So don’t take your loved ones for granted.  Let’s cultivate feelings of love, and boost your oxytocin level by creating a date night!

6. 3 Good things

Do you ever notice that often when you have a bad day, it’s only one or two things that got on your nerve?  The rest of the day wasn’t actually terrible!

Our brains are hardwired for negative thoughts.  And a lot of the times, our negative thoughts don’t serve us.

Recounting the 3 good things in your day will give you much-needed balance between the negatives and positives.  So, what are your 3 good things for today?

7. Make (or bake) something from scratch

It’s extremely satisfying to make something from scratch – you get that enormous sense of achievement.

Did you know that cooking can be a form of mindfulness practice, and exceptionally therapeutic and calming?

And it doesn’t have to be about food, think about all those DIY projects you’ve been wanting to get your hands on.  Even building IKEA furniture counts!

Do it with your family to make it a bonding activity!

Wellbeing Tip - Cook something from scratch
Wellbeing Tip - Bake something from scratch

8. Look through old travel photos

Had a long day/week/month? Take a wellbeing tip from our resident Yogi, Michael, and look through your old travel photos (side plank optional!).

Studies haves shown that looking at old photos triggers positive emotions such as joy and love.  It also strengthens our memory and relationships with those around us.  Laughing at silly photos of your old self and releases endorphins, which reduces stress.

9. 5-Minute doodling

Doodling is incredibly calming and therapeutic.  Do you notice that as you’re doodling, you aren’t thinking about much else?  It also taps into the creative hemisphere of our brain, which gets under-utilised in our many analytical daily activities.

Doodling not your thing?  Try colouring in (do it with your kids!), or puzzles.  Puzzles give you the added bonus of keeping your brain agile and young.

10. Move your body!

Nothing beats a little movement and exercise to get your body and mind going!

Do you find that if you’re ever trying to solve a problem, a brisk walk around the block, or doing a 45-minute exercise class could give you new ideas, and break that mental block?

That’s because exercise stimulates the growth of new connections between brain cells.  Exercise also releases all the feel-good hormones including endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine.  So lap it up anyway you can!

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