You’ve been training hard, coming to regular classes, you’re starting to get the hang of the exercises even attempting those you didn’t think you could do initially!  Your motivation is soaring.  You think to yourself that you must be getting some results, but how can you tell?

We’re going to share with you 10 ways to prove to yourself that your efforts are paying off, and none of them involve your scale!

1. Body composition scan

This is by far the most scientific and comprehensive way to measure the changes in your body by exercise.It tracks changes in your lean muscle mass, your body fat, and hydration levels.  Ideally you’d take a scan before you commence a structure exercise program, and then take another scan in 12-18 week to see the changes.  Some of the results may astound you – in a positive way!  (Find out more about body compositions scans we do at Leap.)

2. Fit of your clothes

Your clothes can at times be more accurate than your bathroom scale. Is your old clothes feeling looser?  Are you able to fit into an old pair of jeans that’s just been hanging there for the past few years?  Or maybe you notice that your old clothes just don’t fit you well anymore as your body shape changes with regular exercise.

3. The yearly physical which includes your blood pressure check and blood test

Exercise has a profound effect on the body, including the ability to regulate blood sugar, and reduce blood pressure.  It’s a good idea to check in with your doctor on these key measures regularly, particularly if you have a family history of high blood pressure and/or diabetes; regular exercise can definitely help to keep these measures under good control.

4. Journaling that includes your mood, food, exercise

Exercise isn’t just about moving your body, it’s also about how you feel on a daily basis.A lot of people become obsessed with measurements, and they ignore how they feel.  Exercise is known to help you feel calmer, more alert, and give you an energy boost.  By keeping a journal, it makes these changes more apparent.  If you’re keen on starting a Wellbeing Journal,  download our journal template here to get started!

5. Weights used

As your body gets stronger, you’ll find you’re reaching for heavier weights because your first set just won’t challenge you anymore. Take note of this change because it’s a sure sign of your body getting stronger.  If you’ve been using the same weights for a while, it may be time to push beyond your comfort zone to challenge your body.

6. Ease with daily activities

As you become fitter and stronger through regular exercise, those chores that used to be ‘hard’ feel easier. One of our Leap members recently commented that she used to ask her husband to help carry the 2L and 3L bottles of milk, and now she can do that on her own!

7. Compliments from others

Your family and friends may be a great at noticing the results of your efforts. Try to take note of compliments that aren’t about the physical.  One of our members said her husband noticed that she seemed happier and calmer after doing regular classes.  That’s a great compliment!

8. Take note of your resting heart rate

Your resting heart rate is closely linked to your fitness level.  The fitter you are, the lower your resting heart rate tends to be (provided that you aren’t on any medication that could alter your heart rate).  For women, resting heart rate of 60-80 beats per minute is considered normal.  For men, resting heart rate of 60-75 beats per minute is considered normal.

9. Fitness and strength assessments

If you’re after more scientific measures of your fitness and strength, pop into the Leap studio where we can help you conduct a 30-minute assessment. You’ll know exactly what your VO2max is, which is a measure for cardiovascular fitness (it tells you how much oxygen the body can take in and consume during maximal exercise).  You’ll also find out if your strength is average, above average, or needs more work.

10. Progress photos

Sometimes it’s hard to notice the changes in your body if you see yourself in the mirror every day, so taking photos of yourself over a period of time can show you exactly how far you’ve come.Bring your ‘before and after’ shots to the studio, we’d be excited to celebrate your achievements with you!

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