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Our Team

Leap-Pilates-holistic studio Chatswood_team_Founder

Founder/Movement Enthusiast/Studio Concierge

Shirley was a corporate drop-out. A knee injury led her to Pilates and Yoga, through which she found more than just recovery and fitness, she found something that gave her a source of calm energy that helped her deal with the daily stresses of modern life.  She saw a need for quality holistic studios in Sydney’s north shore.  So she took a leap of faith, and created Leap Health and Wellbeing.

Leap Yogi

Michael has been practicing for well over a decade and brings a depth to his teaching that touches on far more than just the physical.  He teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Power Yoga styles as well as also being trained in men’s yoga and Laughter Yoga.  He will often mention that more Yoga can be found in a single breath than a handstand simply due to how mindful the action is.

Michael took the leap to teaching 3 years ago based on sharing the learning in his practice which has enabled him to now teach on four continents and deepen his connection to who he truly is and live the life he truly desires.

Come and meet Michael on the mat on Wednesday morning.  See timetable

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Leap-Yoga-holistic studio Chatswood_team_Jenny

Leap Yogi

Jenny first experienced Yoga when she was working 12 plus-hour days in corporate. Knowing that sitting at her desk for such a long period of time is definitely not doing her any good, she was encouraged by a friend to try Yoga.  At first, she saw the transformation Yoga had on herself physically, but gradually she noticed the changes in her mind.  Deep breathing helped to relieve stress and anxiety.  Postures that focused on areas such as hips, neck and shoulders helped to release tension.  Her teaching experience was life changing, and made her understand that Yoga is just not an exercise, it improves your life holistically.  Leap shares the same philosophy and that’s why she’s so glad to be part of this growing family, to share her learnings with the Leap members.

Come and meet Jenny on the mat on Friday afternoon.  See timetable

Leap Pilates aficionado, Barre-ista

Constantina was introduced to Pilates in 2002 and fell for it immediately, as she loved the holistic workout that challenged both her body and mind.  In 2012 Constantina decided to leave the corporate world, and took a leap towards her wellness passion by becoming a fully qualified Mat, Reformer and Studio Pilates instructor.

Her love for wellness and fitness lead her to further her professional qualifications by becoming a Certified Bootybarre instructor, studying meditation and currently completing her Bachelor of Human Science in Nutrition.

Constantina’s classes will challenge you while she’ll also ensure to tailor the moves to your needs and experience level, helping you experience the joy of movement!

Come and meet Constantina in her classes throughout the week.  See timetable


Leap Functional Training Commando

Jacinta‘s love affair with fitness began in London in 2010 when she hired an outdoor personal trainer.  Her PT sessions become a time each week where she focused solely on herself and developed greater body awareness, as well as a more lovely relationship with herself.  Immediately she was hooked and after much reflection (and soul searching!) she decided to take a leap, and leave the corporate world to dedicate her time to helping others achieve their wellness goals.

Aside from a killer workout, she hopes to give her clients a positive and rewarding time each week to focus inwardly – a time to foster a much deeper understanding and appreciation of themselves and their abilities.

Come and meet Jacinta in her Tuesday afternoon classes.  See timetable

Jacinta is also the resident wellness coach at Leap.  Her Wellbeing Discovery sessions are personal and profound, designed to help you establish the right mindset to help you achieve your wellbeing goals – be it to lose weight, to nurture yourself, to find greater energy, or to form better relationship with yourself and those around.  Find out more

Leap Yogi

Vincci started her Yoga journey 18 years ago to reduce chronic back pain, and has evolved from a physical healing process into a discovery of her own spirituality, mental and emotional strength.  Her love of yoga led to her decision in leaving a 9-to-5 career and became a Yoga teacher.  She has studied with various teachers including Donna Farhi, Leslie Kaminoff and Roger Cole who have influenced her teaching style emphasising on student safety, individuality and alignment.

Vincci’s classes are nuturing and allows each student to discover their yoga journey through physical postures, breathwork while learning about Yogic philosophies.  Vincci believes ‘how we act on the mat will translate how we are in life and it is an ongoing practice of self-discovery.’

Come and meet Vincci in her specialist class Yoga for Desk Sitters every Wednesday 12:30pm.  See timetable


Leap Pilates aficionado, Barre-ista

Jee is originally from Korea.  Over the years, she took every opportunity to get physical through dance, Pilates and Yoga.

Jee found her ultimate physical workout when she first tried Pilates 9 years ago.

She loves to share her  passion of Pilates through fun, flowing and dynamic classes focusing on strength development, flexibility and core stability.

Come and meet Jee on the Reformer beds on Monday and Wednesday mornings.  See timetable


Leap Pilates aficionado, Barre-ista

Sarah has always had a passion for physical fitness and living a healthy and active lifestyle.  She was introduced to Pilates 12 years ago and was amazed at the changes to her body.

Within a few weeks of attending classes she saw improvements to her strength, flexibility, balance, posture and overall body tone, and became a Pilates addict.  This positive impact inspired Sarah to become a certified Mat and Reformer Pilates instructor, and has been teaching for 8 years.

Sarah loves engaging with the members at Leap and strives to make each class enjoyable, challenging, empowering … and, of course, FUN!

Come and meet Sarah on Monday evenings.  See timetable

Leap Pilates aficionado, Barre-ista

Indigo commenced his holistic movement training many years ago in the hinterlands of Byron Bay.  Progressing to the big city, he trained in commercial dance and music theatre.  He has performed nationally and internationally in stage shows such as ‘Shakespeare In The Park’ to ‘Chicago The Broadway Musical’.

Indigo is a certified Mat and Reformer Pilates instructor, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher (as taught by Yogi Bhajan), and a Barre and Dance Instructor.

Sat Nam, Wahe Guru!

Come and wave your jazz hands in Indigo’s classes throughout the week.  See timetable