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Why We Do What We Do

We’re a holistic exercise studio in Sydney’s North Shore offering a complete exercise program for long-term results, because…

Exercise is one of best preventative medicines available.  Its benefits on our long-term health, and the damage to our health if we don’t get enough of it, have been widely researched.

And yet, many of us still don’t get enough exercise.

We understand why that is, and a lot of the time, it’s not your fault!  You simply weren’t aware of the why, the what, or the how.

That’s what we want to change –

  • Clarity on the ‘why’ for exercise
  • Knowing ‘what’ types of exercise
  • Understanding and applying the ‘how’ to exercise

If you want to get active, we help you START RIGHT with the guidance and care that are often missing in other places.

Did you know?

Only 20% of Australians are exercising regularly? This means 80% of us aren’t moving enough!

We want to change the stats – we want more people becoming active for life!

Leap was created to help those new to exercise avoid mistakes (many painful and costly), by starting right – with the guidance and care that you often need – and a selection of classes forming a complete and balanced exercise program for long-term health and wellbeing.

Our studio mission is to reverse the current statistics, so that 80% of Australians is happily active, rather than the current 20%.

The Leap story

Leap is the brainchild of an ex-corporate drop-out.

Like many others, her exercise journey began with a desire to lose weight. Over the 20-year fitness journey, she’d done big-box gyms, Bootcamps, running, YouTube workouts, until finally a knee injury brought Pilates to her life. Her professional life took an unexpected turn: quitting the comfort of accounting in order to spread the joys of exercise with you!

When she began her quest for fitness 20 years ago, clueless as to what she should be doing and how much she should be training,  treadmills, cross-trainers, and weights machines (what are those anyway?) soon got boring.  Body Pump and Body Attack classes were so much more fun and exciting – if only the classes weren’t so crowded and routines not so repetitive.

Leap-Pilates-holistic studio Chatswood_team_Founder

A colleague introduced her to Bootcamp and intense sessions of running, walking lunges and burpees.  In classes of 30 people, many very athletic, trying to keep up proved impossible. Not knowing what to do, feeling out of place, and with a knee hurting after each session, what was the point?

Next came running.

Sheer determination and a misplaced belief in ‘no pain, no gain’, got her through many lunch break and Sunday morning pavement-pounding.

Completing that first 10km run was an enormous achievement, but left her with a very painful knee.

The body can endure significant abuse and neglect, but when it breaks down, all hell breaks loose.  Going up and down stairs became a problem, walking in heels unbearable, pain an everyday companion.

Forced to stop all kinds of training, she finally sought professional help.  An expensive Physio and Exercise Physiologist later, it was clear that being active was one thing, knowing how the body works, how to move and how to prevent injury are something else.  No one had EVER talked to her about any of this or EVER corrected her from doing all those exercises wrong!

Negative experiences inspired her to learn more, igniting a passion for exercise.


Pilates helped her remain active when her knee was at its worst.

Later introducing Yoga to the mix – she loved the feelings of strength, mindfulness, and centredness these exercises provided, but missing the energised feeling that only higher-intensity training brings.

Functional Training, where the number of exercises in each session was functional and varied, the intensity always within her control, was the answer.  Small classes, with instructors paying attention to how everyone moved, so different to those big-box gym classes, provided the higher-intensity training missing from her exercise program.

It’s amazing how the right training program, and the right environment, can improve our sense of wellbeing.

Exercise became a joy!  Something you want to do, rather than something you feel guilty thinking about it. 

As our bodies become stronger and healthier, so does our sense of achievement and confidence. 

You become more trusting in yourself, enjoying pushing your boundaries, finally becoming courageous enough to LEAP out of your comfort zones.

If you’ve read this far, hopefully you connect with our story.  We’d love to learn more about you!


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