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Functional Training

Master Class

Are you curious about Functional Training? – you hear it all the time, and some of the people you know have been doing it and loving it, but you’re yet to try it for yourself?

Are you a little intimidated by what you think happens in these classes? – you think you need to be super fit to survive a Functional Training class.

Are you perhaps scarred by a previous injury, so you avoid any training that may cause pain or discomfort? – you believe Functional Training is high-impact, and high-intensity, with lots of complex weight-bearing exercises that are harsh on the body.

Our Functional Training Master Class is PERFECT for you!

Why Functional Training?

Because you want to be fit for life!

You can walk or jog for long distances but still pant carrying grocery up the stairs.  You can leg-press your body weight with ease, but struggle to pick up a heavy box. What are you missing?

Humans are designed to move in a certain way and throughout our evolution there have been key movements we have had to master.  And we do these movements all day and every day; being able to do these movements means we’re able to carry on our daily activities with ease.  Running and walking being only one of such movements.

Functional Training involve a variety of exercises that draw on the type of movements we do every day, which makes Functional Training one of the most relevant, helpful, and practical training available today.

So if you’re after a type of training that helps you to move better in life, then Functional Training is the one for you!

How is this Functional Training class different to all others that you know?

Myth: Functional Training involves doing 50 burpees a minute, followed by squat jumps with 10kg in each hand, and then doing 50 box jumps.

Ok, there may come a time when these exercises could be helpful to you, but we definitely won’t make you do them right away, especially when we know that blindly doing them does not help you!

This master class is led by an accredited Exercise Physiologist, who is a specialist in how the human body moves.  An exercise physiologist assigns exercise programs that is appropriate and specific to each individual, taking into account your previous injury history, provide ways to rehabilitate or exercise around any injuries and/or chronic health issues e.g. diabetes, heart conditions, physiological and neurological issues.

The goal of this class is to improve general health and fitness in a fun and supporting environment, using resistance and cardio-based training that is appropriate for you.

We will leave out the bells and whistles of exercise, and show you the type of exercise that is right for you.  If you’re a beginner to Functional Training, we’re more likely to show you how to do a proper lunge, than to make you do 100 lunge hops with weights without you getting the basics right.

Meet Your Coach

Pat Hughes
Pat HughesAccredited Exercise Physiologist, Sports Trainer, certified in Functional Movement Systems
Pat is passionate about getting people to MOVE BETTER in everyday life.

Since graduating from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology, Pat has gained experience in exercise rehabilitation for musculoskeletal and sporting injuries, together with chronic disease management in private clinics.

Pat’s Exercise Philosophy:
Pat is an enthusiastic Exercise Physiologist with a passion for helping clients uncover the optimal version of themselves. His clinical approach is to utilise functional movement screens to assess and identify the core of the problem. Patrick believes less is more when it comes to exercise-based therapy, and utilises this principle to ensure that the exercise prescription is specific, concise and effective.

Pat believes that it is important to guide clients from the start of their journey all the way to their return to daily activities, ensuring they are moving better than ever before!  Pat will help you identify your underlying weaknesses, mobility and movement issues and guide you to your goal, whether that is to move pain-free or optimal sports performance.

Pat enjoys keeping fit and active by playing soccer, going to the gym, bush walking in the summer and skiing in the winter!

Pat comes to us from Infinite Health Physiotherapy Services.

Infinite Health was founded with one sole purpose – to deliver the highest quality health care service to a community that has long been deprived of it. As such they have designed an innovative and modern age facility where patients could recuperate from their injuries and put together a team of therapists that patients can trust to get them back to play or work, and stronger than ever.

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