How do I book a class?

You can book a class using our website, or using the MindBody Online app which you can download onto your phone.  The MindBody Online app is great for booking classes on the go.  Here is a video to get you started.

How do I join a class?

You have already booked the class either via our website or the MindBody Online app, so your spot has been reserved!  When you come to the studio, simply tell us your name and we’ll sign you in to the class.  Remember to always book your classes before coming to the studio, and always come to the classes you book.

What if I can’t make it to a class?

Our standard booking and cancellation policies apply.  The policy requires cancellation within 4 hours of the class starting to avoid a late cancellation.  3 late cancellations and/or no-shows in a month result in your account being suspended from booking for a fortnight.  We’re strict with booking and cancellation because our class sizes are capped to ensure members have room to move, breathe, and more attention from the instructors.  If a member makes a booking but doesn’t show, it means someone misses out on their opportunity to attend the class.

How many people are allowed in each class?

Our class sizes are capped to ensure members have room to move, breathe, and more attention from the instructors.  Our Yoga classes are capped at 14 people, Reformer Pilates Level 1 classes 10 people, Reformer Pilates Level 2 classes 14 people, Functional Training 12 people, and Barre 10 people.

What time should I arrive for my class?

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your class starts.  We have a cosy lounge and wait areas in which you can relax while waiting for your class to start.  You will not be allowed in after the start of a class.

If you are new to the studio and visiting for the first time, please allow 15 minutes before and after the class.

What should I wear to my class?

For Yoga and Barre, they are done barefoot so please remove your shoes and socks before entering the room.  For Reformer Pilates, please remove your shoes and wear ‘grip’ socks.  We sell ‘grip’ socks at the studio should you wish to purchase a pair.  For Functional Training, please wear trainers.  You may wear exercise clothing to all classes.  We have cubby holes shelves in each room for you to place your belongings during class.

What should I bring to my class?

A water bottle and a towel!  We have filtered water at the studio so you can fill up your bottle when you get here.  We are a fully equipped studio so there is no need to bring your own equipment (including mats), and we ask our members to give their equipment a wipe after each class.  However, you may wish to bring your own Yoga mat to lay on top of ours; we understand you may feel more comfortable and ‘yourself’ with your own mats.

If you are doing a Reformer Pilates class, please bring a pair of ‘grip’ socks.  We have a gorgeous selection of ‘grip’ socks for sale at the studio should you wish to purchase a pair.

Do you have change rooms and showers?

We have showers in the basement level of our building.  We can give you an access card should you wish to use the shower facility after the class.  We also have change nooks in the studio for you to get changed in.  We have cubby hole shelves in each room for you to store your belongings during the class.