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We are a boutique studio that offers Yoga, Pilates, Functional Training and Barre classes in Chatswood, Sydney’s North Shore.

Our classes combined give you a holistic fitness and wellbeing program.  Why holistic?  Because you cannot get optimal health and fitness by just pumping weights, or just running, or just Yoga!  Your body needs a variety of different exercises to be in its best shape.

  • Pilates gives you strength training and a strong core, with a strong core you get stability when moving, so you are less susceptible to injury
  • Functional Training and Barre to get your cardiovascular exercises for a healthy heart, and a healthy weight
  • Yoga gives you flexibility and that prized mind-body connection, so after a class, you feel calmer and more present.

In all our classes, we focus on helping you develop body awareness and move mindfully.

Our classes are over 50% smaller than group classes in most fitness centres, so you get more room to move and more attention from our expert instructors.  We have a maximum cap of 14 people in our Yoga classes and advanced Reformer classes, 12 people in our Functional Training classes, 10 people in our Barre and beginner Reformer classes.

Say goodbye to your multiple gym and studio memberships, and get all your fitness and wellbeing needs here at the Leap studio!

Whether you’re a local resident in the North Shore or work around the area, you can attend all our Yoga, Pilates, Functional Training and Barre classes in Chatswood!  When it is that convenient for you, training and wellbeing will be a part of your lifestyle!

Try the Leap difference!

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